15 Best Grants for Mental Health in 2023

More than 80% of the 1 billion people worldwide who suffer from mental illness do not have access to top-quality affordable care according to the World Health Organization. Therefore, the best grant for health will be awarded in 2023.

Anyone who is interested in maintaining their mental well-being might be interested in knowing the best grants to improve mental health.

Furthermore, a person takes their own life each hour, while millions die each year due to alcohol-related issues. It’s never been more important to tackle mental health issues like the present in the context of COVID-19 epidemic’s effect upon mental wellbeing.

In their local communities as well, most effective grant programs for the mental well-being listed on this list tackle the issue of healthcare.

This article provides an overview of the best grants for mental health through 2023.

How can you be eligible for Mental health grants?

Grants competition to support mental health is intense. You need to make a declaration to receive financial aid to study. Here are some tips to boost your chances:

Don’t dwell on your shortcomings Instead, focus on your strengths.

Mental health issues for students can be quite difficult. There could have been a variety of ways that your mental health impacted your performance, which caused you to lose ground in your academic and personal lives.

Although making the effort to research the issues you face is essential but avoiding discussing them in your scholarship essays is generally best practice.

These organizations offer scholarships for students who have overcome hurdles, a solid determination to succeed, and have an understanding of what they would like from life and the best way to achieve it.

So, when you’re incorporating the topic in your essay, it’s recommended to frame your discussion around mental health as an opportunity to develop yourself and gain learning experience.

Your past should be described by describing the way it can help you move forward to an exciting future.

Conduct studies

It’s recommended to take the time to read through your essay’s prompt before you begin your application to know what the judges are looking for from you.

What are you able to do with this question in a way that highlights your capabilities and potential?

Study the company that offers the scholarship, as well. Discover their core values and beliefs, then emphasize them in your essay.

They’re looking for someone who can share their vision and values. Be sure to show the reason why you’re that candidate.

Follow our guidelines to enhance your writing

A good essay is appealing, simple and properly written. Writing great scholarship essays requires a specific set of skills.

Luckily, we have guidelines to help you with designing the most effective application.

This guide will show you how to create the scholarship resume as well as instructions on how to address the typical questions for scholarship essays.

What exactly are mental health tools to students?

For students who are enrolled, many universities and colleges offer assistance with mental health. This is a great option to begin with for those who need guidance.

It is best to receive guidance from the counselors at your school because they are experts in working with students who are your age. These websites are a few of the most trusted that you can access when you need or want to conduct research on your own:

What are the Best Grants for Mental Health?

1. American Legion Child Welfare Foundation

The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation was created as a storage space for donations from individuals who were looking to improve child welfare across the United States.

Their main goal in philanthropy is improving the mental, physical emotional, as well as spiritual wellbeing of children and adolescents.

In order to do this, they fund initiatives to improve the welfare of children by disseminating information on research study, studies, surveys as well as projects, and by donating funds to initiatives that enhance the wellbeing of children and children.

Grant Link

2. Cigna Foundation

The charitable giving philosophy of Cigna Foundation is based on the principle of charity giving. Cigna Foundation is in line with their aim of improving the happiness, health and peace that the citizens they help.

They focus on hunger and mental health through the “Healthier Kids For Our Future” scholarship.

The grant will give applicants with the option of choosing one of five topics to apply for one of five “Health and Well-being” grants which includes one targeted at initiatives aimed at addressing mental or mental health disorders.

Grant Link

3. RBC Foundation – USA

RBC Foundation – USA’s goal is to improve the quality of living for the communities in which they operate through the funding of non-profit organizations which promote diversity and have an impact.

Health funds are given only for the RBC Adolescents Mental Well-being Project that focuses on programs which assist families and children in receiving the right treatment at the right moment.

Grant Link

4. Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks Norma and Malcolm Baker Recreation Grant programs help fund initiatives that provide opportunities for education and social interaction to those with autism.

It promotes initiatives that demonstrate that they can help individuals of all ages on the autism spectrum through the following categories of service delivery Adult services and employment physical fitness and sports as well as swimming camps, summer camps and water security.

Grant Link

5. Autism Science Foundation

The Autism Science Foundation offers the funds for research that aims to better understand the causes of autism and develop more effective treatments.

In addition, they are supportive of initiatives that expand the scope of autism research, and also provide parents as well as other parties of the latest developments within the area.

Grant Link

6. The David & Lura Lovell Foundation

In 1994 in 1994, the David and Lura Lovell Foundation is a family-owned foundation which supports programs with high impact across the country with respect to the following four major areas: gender equality, holistic wellbeing and healthy living, young people’s accessibility to arts and health for the mind.

Take a look at their unique funding possibility in Toledo, Ohio, if you’re interested on their site below.

Grant Link

7. Anthem Foundation

Anthem Foundation Anthem Foundation supports particular public health initiatives that tackle social determinants and inequalities that may help treat diseases identified by their famed Healthy Generations program, including mental health.

They provide grants to initiatives aimed to increase access to services for people suffering from mental health issues and spreading knowledge of the importance of overall health in addressing problems of child abuse, domestic violence and addiction to drugs in a holistic and prevention-based approach.

Grant Link

8. Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism

Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism seeks to improve the standard of living for people affected by autism, as well as the families of those who care for them.

Innovative initiatives and models with the potential to improve the quality of life for people who are affected by the disorder and for their family members and also those that could be replicated by other organizations for greater impact on the autism spectrum as a whole will be supported.

Grant Link

9. O’Neill Foundation

The O’Neill Foundation works to enhance the well-being and happiness of families living in their communities.

They help organizations work on behalf of populations who have special needs, as well as people with mental health addiction, addiction, primary and preventative health needs.

The service areas are Hawaii, Florida, Texas as well as Vermont (specific counties within each)

Grant Link

10. Peter & Elizabeth Tower Foundation

The Foundation is committed to helping children or adolescents as well as young people who have intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities and mental health issues and addiction disorders. The Tower Foundation is a family foundation that helps communities and non-profit organizations.

The areas that are served include: Massachusetts and western New York (eastern)

Grant Link

11. Daniel’s Fund

Daniels Fund Daniels Fund assists morally upstanding and highly efficient nonprofit organizations that make a difference to society.

They also support initiatives to aid people who are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, with a particular focus on prevention of adolescent addiction, treatment and rehabilitation.

They provide Colorado as well as Wyoming.

Grant Link

12. The Colorado Health Foundation

The Colorado Health Foundation works to fulfill the state’s behavioral health requirements by assisting adolescents’ emotional and social growth, instilling resilience in teens and young adults as well as providing ongoing assistance for those suffering from substance abuse and mental illness.

Grant Link

13. Caring For Colorado Foundation

To speed up development and improve the health and well-being of Colorado’s children, teens and their parents, Caring for Colorado collaborates with local communities.

They emphasize the importance of infant, maternal, and children’s mental health into programs that help families, as it is a major factor in the development of children.

Grant Link

14. Connecticut Health Foundation

No matter what race or ethnicity or socioeconomic status, anyone living in Connecticut is able to attain the best health possible, as per the Connecticut Health Foundation.

To help make this happen They focus in four key areas: coverage and access as well as better delivery of care by connecting the care system with the local community as well as advocacy and leadership.

They are essential to ensure that the future generations don’t experience the same widespread health disparities due to race and ethnicity like their parents did.

Grant Link

15. Endowment For Health

The Endowment for Health strives to improve health and reduce the burden of sickness upon New Hampshire residents.

Their investment has helped in reorienting New Hampshire children’s behavioral health system.

They actively invest in influencing public policy through leadership as well as advocacy to improve our children the mental health system.

Grant Link

16. Maine Health Access Foundation

The Maine Health Access Foundation is the largest private, non-profit health organization, that has a goal in improving health, and offer the highest quality health care.

They can provide opportunities for quick financing, a discretionary awards program for small projects that are not isolated, as well as support grants for meetings that are meetings across the state as well as regional ones.

Grant Link

17. California Healthcare Foundation

California Health Care Foundation California Health Care Foundation is determined to make significant, tangible changes in the way that California’s healthcare system provides care to its citizens.

To ensure the highest quality outcomes for the most vulnerable Californians, CHCF seeks to improve the quality of behavioral health services and concentrates on connecting mental health, substance use as well as physical health.

Grant Link

18. The New York Community Trust

The New York City Trust establishes connections between New Yorkers from their past, current and the future, and important nonprofit organizations that strive to build a fair, secure and prosperous society for everyone.

The top priorities for funding include the expansion of healthcare, solving issues related to substance abuse and mental health as well as advancing research in biological sciences.

Grant Link

19. The Meadows Foundation

They are a family-owned charity that works to improve Texas residents their quality of life as well as living standards.

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They are in support of a range of initiatives within the field that deal with mental health including the integration of services in primary care settings, systematic methods of the diagnosis of and treating for depression with methods that have been validated scientifically to monitor symptoms and outcomes as well as research and advocacy to improve access to high-quality care for patients with mental disorders.

Grant Link

20. Hogg Foundation For Mental Health

Hogg Foundation Hogg Foundation is dedicated to aiding groups and individuals engaged in improving the mental well-being of Texans.

Through scholarships, grants, or fellowships they fund initiatives that focus on research, policy analysis, and education in order to improve the way communities can support mental health throughout the day.

Grant Link

Are these funding Opportunities Legit?

Through the years many people have been benefited by these grants. We do our best to keep you informed and provide you on the most current grants you can get.

Yes, they are legitimate.


I would like to apply to receive a mental health award. Do I require a medical diagnosis?

Certain mental health scholarship programs require an official diagnosis from a physician, whereas other ones do not. For example The Ethel Hayes De stigmatization of Mental Health Scholarship requires for you to write an piece of writing about the value to mental wellness. You may submit an application for mental health scholarship when you have the mental health condition.

Does anxiety prevent you from receiving scholarships?

You can, indeed. You’ll be eligible for various mental health-related scholarships as anxiety is a well-known mental health problem. For example for instance, the Elevate Mental Health Awareness Scholarship is a great fit. For instance, the Quell Foundation Fighter is an alternative choice.

If I want to apply for scholarships are I at an advantage if I suffer from mental health concerns?

Naturally, you will be in a disadvantage since you’ll need to take care of your mental health issues that are a challenging task by themselves. But, the scholarship committee won’t consider your mental health concerns as a negative thing. Don’t be compelled to hide your mental health concerns in job applications.


Remember that you have the option of deciding what details to include. You have the option of choosing to provide any information whatsoever or simply the information that you are comfortable with.

But, you shouldn’t be that you have to hide any of your mental health concerns in your application to employers. They can help explain the changes in your academic performance and other areas of your applications.


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