Dani Austin wig

Dani Austin wig

In the maze of myths that women are taught hair, just like weight, is one of the criteria used to determine feminine beauty as well as femininity. In everything from Disney princesses, Barbie’s as well as superheroes and pop stars, girls are bombarded by images of women who have hair that is long and flowing.

It is the case that before we even reach preteen years, girls have been instilled with a mathematical equation of beauty: cervices in the right places and hair that is long (blonde) hair equals attractive.

What does it mean when you suddenly start loss of hair? How do you deal with losing your hair suddenly? Bible has called the woman’s “crowning beauty “?

Dani Austin wig

Dani Austin wig

In the last month the blogger, social media influencer and author Dani Austin confronted these issues publically. The petite, bubbly creator of content who hails from Dallas, Texas, revealed to her over 285,000 followers that she had changed to wearing wigs following suffering from significant loss of hair that was so severe that it became difficult to conceal.

After months of struggling privately the 26-year-old Austin finally decided to reveal her journey to losing hair with her fans after receiving numerous messages from people asking if she’d changed anything about her appearance. In a moving video uploaded on YouTube, Austin reveals that her husband, Jordan Ramirez, encouraged her to buy her first hairstyle.

The video runs for 22 minutes and illustrates Austin trying to deal with anxiety and shame that comes from losing her hair. Her struggles are magnified due to the stress she experiences to keep her perfect image as a fashion and lifestyle blogger.

“As an adult woman the hair I wear has been the thing that makes me feel beautiful,” Austin told Yahoo Canada. “As an influencer, I’ve always tried to be as transparent and honest to my fans… It was a time when I actually considered and discussed with my husband on and off about all options in the range of keeping secret what I was going through.

I considered all the options from not telling people that I had a wig on to removing myself from blogging for a time. I let the guilt of my situation cause me to feel as if I was in a lonely .”

Austin stated that she was initially blaming herself for her loss of hair and then revealed her previous battle to overcome trichotillomania (trich) and the disorder that pulls hair, and the years of dying, bleaching, or wearing hair extensions, as reasons for her current condition.

Dani Austin wig

While she is not yet received a formal diagnosis of the reason she noticed her hair was falling out, Austin noted that many medical professionals have suggested that her hair loss to stress.

This video has received over 400,000 viewers it has introduced Austin to a large group of women struggling losing their hair for a variety of reasons. Within the United States, approximately 30 million women suffer from male-pattern loss of hair.

This could be due to genetics or emotional stress, hormonal changes or medications or hormonal changes, it is the American Hair Loss Council states that over 80 percent of women will notice hair loss before the age of 60.

“When I wrote about my experience I was expecting to be called “the wig girl,”” Austin said. “What I didn’t know was that there were many women who are suffering from the same loss of hair like me. It wasn’t just something I kept secret from the world, however, thousands of women are as well, due to a variety of reasons including stress, alopecia, trichotillomania, chemo…

This was the biggest surprise. It was a hidden disease that nobody seemed to be discussing. Once I realized this it was a hidden issue, I went from trying to avoid being labeled of being a ‘wig girl’ to recognizing that there’s a purpose to the whole of this…There is the power of acknowledging our hurts and making them visible .”

As Austin I have had hair that was a point for comfort as well as frustration. The diagnosis for me was trich at the age of 10 at the as I was admitted to an eating disorder. Since a young age, I was adept in covering the patches of hair loss that would show up and I wore elastic bands around my wrists to keep me away from touching my head. 

Fit Bottomed Eats being a Foodie with an enviable fit booty

Later on, as an teen my hair began to fall out by itself because of stress. I was embarrassed that I didn’t wear the hat at home, avoided going to a hairdresser, and would inquire before leaving the house to school if I could spot an area of scalp.


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