Eyebrow Transplant Procedure: Is It Safe?

Eyebrows play an important role in aesthetics and medical purposes. They prevent debris and moisture from coming into the eyes. They also frame the face and create a more attractive appearance. A full, thick and well-groomed eyebrow is attractive to a lot of people and boosts confidence in their appearance. Many opt for makeup or semi-permanent tattoos to improve the appearance of their eyebrows. Learn more about eyebrow transplants are the right choice for you.

The most important takeaways

  • Eyebrow transplants can be a fast and permanent solution for the drooping eyebrows.
  • Eyebrow transplants are similar to hair transplants. They involves surgically removing scalp hair and then grafting it into the eyebrows.
  • Eyebrow transplants are a secure procedure, but as with any surgeries, it is not without potential risks and adverse effects.
  • discussing any medical issues or medications with your surgeon is crucial to ensure a good potential.
  • For a successful operation be sure to follow all pre-op and post-op directions.

What exactly is an eyebrow transplant?

Eyebrow transplants are like hair transplants. This procedure involves taking hairs and their follicles out of one area of the body and reintroducing them in areas where they are thin. Common donor sites for eyebrow transplants is the area of the scalp just above the ears or near the neck’s nape. The advantage in undergoing a transplant of the eyebrow is they’re permanent and have no risk of rejection as it’s a person’s hair.

Who is in need of a transplanted eyebrow?

If you’re bored of drawing eyebrows on their face each day and want an effective solution are advised to consider undergoing a transplant of their eyebrows. Eyebrow transplants can be an effective way to build thin eyebrows, and create a appearance of a defined face. However, they’re not for all. The healthy patients are the best candidates.

Patients who may benefit from a transplant of their eyebrows are those who have the following conditions:

  • Burns
  • Skin lesions removal patches (cancerous or non-cancerous)
  • Scarring caused by an accident
  • Desire for fuller eyebrows
  • Medical issues that are in control (alopecia isata, hypothyroid and trichotillomania)
  • Eyebrows that are thin or over-plucking

The expectations following eyebrow transplants

Eyebrow transplantation can be a fast procedure that has an excellent chance of success. However, there are issues to be aware of that may occur following the procedure. Talking about these issues with your surgeon during the consultation is crucial to ensure there aren’t any surprise situations.

Here are some things to look forward to following surgery:

  • A little bit of bruising in the area around the transplant is normal. Avoid picking at it.
  • Hairs transplanted from the new site fall out within a couple of weeks following surgery, but grow back over the course of several months.
  • A surgeon is expected to then remove sutures. sutures after a few weeks following the procedure.
  • Wound treatment at the sites of the donor and recipient is essential to achieving excellent surgical outcomes.
  • The trimming of the eyebrow hairs that are growing is essential because they develop with the same speed that they did when they were at the site of donation.
  • Do not engage in intense exercises and bathing for a few weeks following surgery.

Risks and adverse effects of transplants

All surgical procedures come with risk and potential side negative effects. Discuss these risks with your doctor during your consultation. It is important that you are aware issues to be prepared for any unexpected issues following the procedure.

Common dangers and side consequencesRare risks and adverse side negativeRisks and adverse effects that can be serious
RednessBleedingGrafts that do not take and survive
SwellingSensation loss or infectionIt is necessary to graft a second time in the event that the hairs don’t remain
BruisingScarring and discomfortGrafts with an unnatural appearance because of texture variations and the growth direction

Are eyebrow transplants a safe procedure?

Yes eyebrow transplantation is an effective and safe procedure with the help of an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon. This is why having a discussion with your surgeon prior to the procedure is essential. Talk about medical conditions as well as medications and supplements to determine if you’re suitable to undergo the surgery. Be sure to know the risks and what you can expect prior to accepting the procedure. Be sure to follow all preoperative and post-op guidelines to ensure optimal outcome.

Eye transplants are not for everyone.

Some patients aren’t good candidate for an eyebrow transplant. Individuals must discuss their medical history as well as the medications they used with their surgeons in order to determine if transplants for the eyebrows are suitable for them. The surgeon also should be aware of any over-the counter medication and supplements.

This includes:

  • Medical diseases which are not under control (trichotillomania Alopecia areata the immunosuppression, hypothyroid, diabetes as well as bleeding problems).
  • Medical usage (chemotherapy and immunosuppressants as well as the use of blood thinners).
  • Poor wound healing or keloids.
  • Inability to follow the post-op and pre-op instructions that concern treatment of the wound and strenuous activity.

If you’re fed up with temporary fixes for weak eyebrows, a solution could be a transplant procedure. Eyebrow transplants create fuller eyebrows that last for a long time. Make sure you’re qualified and know the potential risks and requirements of the procedure prior to having surgery. The more you are prepared for the procedure, the better the outcome you can expect.

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Do eyebrow implants cause pain?

No. Under normal conditions and circumstances eyebrow transplants will not be painful. In the course of the procedure you’ll be given general or local anesthesia in order to reduce discomfort. Furthermore, your surgeon may prescribe painkillers to reduce the discomfort following surgery.

Are eyebrow transplants costly?

Yes eyebrow transplants can be costly. It is a cosmetic procedure, therefore your medical insurance won’t pay for it. The procedure can cost a few thousands of dollars.

What’s different between eyebrow tattoos and eyebrow transplants?

Eyebrow tattoos can’t be permanent. They only last for a couple of years before they disappear. Transplants can last for the rest of time. Tattoos are only used to disguise sparse eyebrows. Transplants actually add hair to the eyebrows.


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