Weightlifting May Be Anti-Aging

While the majority of exercise routinely performed can help improve your health and longevity, researchers suggest that resistance training could provide an additional benefit to skin that is aging.

Research suggests that aerobic exercise may aid in combat the effects of aging on skin. But, there aren’t many studies that have investigated the potential results of other types of exercise for instance, exercises that require resistance -which is AKA strength or weight lifting.

In a research study published on June 23, in Scientific Reports the researchers looked at the effects of resistance and aerobic training on aging skin for 56 healthy but not active older Japanese women.

Participants in the study took part in a 16-week program of training with trained trainers who were certified. The program included two sessions of exercise each week. One group took part in aerobic training while a different group took part to do resistance exercise.

The researchers measured various variables in the plasma of participants prior to and following the intervention.

After studying the data, researchers discovered that both exercise kinds improved skin elasticity and the upper dermal structure. The difference was that exercise resistance increased the thickness of the dermis,which was linked to an increase in the expression of proteoglycan-related genes such as the biglycan (BGN). Proteoglycans assist in maintaining the firmness of skin.

Furthermore blood samples from the participants indicated that Resistance training reduced the circulating levels of a variety of molecules such as CCL28 N,N-dimethylglycine and CXCL4 that can inhibit BGN expression.

The findings do suggest that weightlifting could be an anti-aging approach for wrinkled complexion, its length was short — just sixteen weeks long — as well as comprised just a handful of participants. Additionally, the researchers didn’t use the control group to evaluate the effects of resistance and aerobic training, without any exercise.

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However, exercising can help maintain healthy skin by boosting circulation. Thus, exercising together with shielding the skin from sun damage as well as avoiding smoking and eating a balanced diet could be a good method to avoid premature ageing of the skin.


Before beginning any exercise routine take a look at talking to their health care provider to make sure it’s safe to participate in physical exercise.


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