What Is Healthcare Administration? Steps To Becoming, Schools, Career in 2023

Every business needs skilled managers, administrators and leaders to be successful But not everyone has the necessary business expertise to keep the business profitable.

To achieve the highest standard in healthcare, you must strive towards becoming an administrator. The profession of healthcare administrator isn’t something you can do in a secluded area. It takes time, dedication and some education.

This article you’ll be taught the steps to follow to obtain the Healthcare Administration position, including the schools, programs and the salary.

Healthcare administration refers to the fusion of all healthcare providers which includes doctors hospitals, health organizations, hospitals specific departments like critical care units and emergency departments, specific areas of clinical care, such as the nursing profession or the physical therapy and various other areas such as admissions, staffing and finances, to accomplish the same purpose. Their aim is to oversee the operations for the entire healthcare industry.

While healthcare administration focuses on the business aspect of healthcare, it doesn’t alter their perception of high-quality and efficient healthcare for patients.

In addition, healthcare professionals greatly influence accessibility, availability as well as the quality and accessibility of health care within our communities.

Find out more about the story of its development and history. healthcare administration.

A Brief History of Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administration has evolved with the advancements in medical research and the expansion of hospitals across the world.

In the early 1800s hospitals provided little or no help to patients as there was no infrastructure or equipment, nor did they have the knowledge of medical treatments that were professional.

In the beginning of the 20th century, advances in medical science and anesthesia as well as discovering antibiotics, and the creation in modern facilities for surgery made hospitals facilities that could offer treatments and relieve pain.

The Evolution of Healthcare Administration

Between 1875 to 1925, the total amount of hospital beds in the U.S. grew from 170 to 7,000, and the number of beds in hospitals was increased from 35,000 to than 860,000. It became apparent that there had to be some form of training in order in order to train people to take on and handle the administrative duties.

Before the first official hospital administration or nursing school training programs were created around 1934 by the University of Chicago, nurses also referred to as superintendents assumed all the administrative duties.

It is believed that the University of Chicago was the first institution to provide the Master’s Degree after its publication of the initial work on the administration of hospitals in 1229. The book was named Hospital Administration. It is a Career. The Demand for Executives with the right training for an a billion Dollar business, and How they can be trained. By 1940 eight universities had created programs. Nine more programs were added in the 1950s and 15 more by the 1960s.

The Accreditation

In 1968, the Accrediting Committee of Graduate Studies to Hospital Administration (now the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education) was established as the accrediting body for master’s programs in health administration.

Nowadays, numerous professional and educational associations are the sponsors of this organization, including The American College of Healthcare Executives and The American College of Medical Practice Executives and the American Public Health Association, and the American Hospital Association.

Additionally, data provided by The American Hospital Association(AHA) indicates that:

  • 5,515 Registered Hospitals
  • 5,010 Community Hospitals
  • 2,923 Nonprofit Hospitals
  • 982 Community hospitals owned by private profit
  • 1,105 State and Local Government Community Hospitals
  • 808,069 Staffed Beds in Community Hospitals

What Do I Need to Become a Healthcare Administrator?

Healthcare administrators are professionals who oversee the activities of medical industries like clinics, hospitals, as well as community health centers. If you’re interested in pursuing an occupation in this field there are specific steps you must take to attain the required qualifications, abilities and license.

Obtain a Bachelor’s degree

The first step in becoming an healthcare administrator is earning the degree of a Bachelor’s and maintaining an outstanding academic record. However, this is generally only suitable for entry-level positions within smaller businesses like clinics.

There are many factors that determine the duration of a bachelor’s degree. But, the majority of people finish a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration within four years. Students enrolled in programs that are accelerated can complete their degrees in three years. Part-time students could take up to seven years.

An undergraduate degree is an essential credential to have in the event that you intend to pursue master’s degrees in your field in the near future.
The top colleges that provide healthcare administration are listed towards the end of this article.

Colleges for Healthcare Management

The completion of a master’s degree in health management can prepare you for managerial and supervisory posts within these settings. As a result, those who earn an advanced degree will allow you to become a CFO, CEO or any other executive, and assist in shaping the future direction of the healthcare company.

To be able to get a healthcare manager job to this point, it’s crucial to select an cost-effective degree programs. Below is a list affordable schools for those looking to improve their healthcare management skills.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill-North Carolina

TuitionRate of admission

It is the University of North Carolina is widely regarded as an Public Ivy League institution that provides quality education at reasonable costs. The university is listed in the fifth in the nation’s US News & World Report on their list of the best public universities. It is recognized with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges.

The basic idea is that UNC provides a Master’s in Healthcare courses, comprising Healthcare Management Skills; Health Care in the United States Structure and Policy; Statistical Methods for Health Policy and Management; Healthcare Policy and Economics of Healthcare Insurance.

The program is accredited by CAHME and takes about the equivalent of two years. Students in the executive program enroll in online courses and are required to come on campus three times a year to meet with colleagues and participate in management-related activities. Students are required to complete a capstone project and a leadership practice prior to the time they graduate.

For more details about the school, visit the link below.

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Winston-Salem State University-Salem, North Carolina

TuitionRatio of Admission

Winston-Salem State University is a publicly-funded, historically black institution recognized with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges.

It also provides the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management as well as a Masters of Healthcare Administration. The courses for the MHA includes Leading Organizations; Project Management; Decision Analysis in Healthcare; Healthcare Marketing; Medical Informatics and more, are offered in a hybrid format that is on-line and in-person.

On-site courses meet in the evening hours or during weekends, to meet the needs of professionals working. Students are able to move through the course in a group, usually restricted to 20 students.

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Western Carolina University-Cullowhee, North Carolina

TuitionRate of admission

Western Carolina University is a public institution that was established in 1889. It was recognized with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges. WCU is ranked at 37 according to US News & World Report in their list of top regional universities of the South.

WCU offers the Master of Health Sciences with the concentration on Health Management courses, including Leadership Strategies; Cost Containment; Medicare & Medicaid; Health Care Marketing; Problem-Solving and the process of making decisions.

The course can be completed on the internet. Students are required to complete either an supervised research project or thesis in order to satisfy the graduation requirements. Visit the website of the school below for more details.

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SUNY Polytechnic Institute at Utica-Rome-Utica, New York

TuitionRate of admission

The State University of New York (SUNY) Polytechnic Institute is the most technologically advanced research institute, and has more than 300 partners from corporations. SUNY Polytechnic Institute is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

SUNY offers the MBA with a concentration in Technology Management with a concentration in Health Services Management courses, comprising Health Care Systems; Health Care Marketing/Strategic Planning; Financial Management for Health Care Organizations; Quantitative Business Analysis; Project Management.

The course is fully online and can be completed whether full-time or part-time. Faculty members are recognized for their academic excellence.

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Trine University-Fort Wayne, Indiana

TuitionRatio of Admission

Trine University is a private institution situated on a 450 acre campus. It was founded in 1884. Trine University is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission. It offers an Master of Science in Leadership with the Healthcare Systems Studies concentration.

The online curriculum comprises Leadership and Management of Healthcare Systems Legal and Ethical Questions in Healthcare Leadership Quality Choice Making Organization and Economics of Healthcare Delivery Systems, Healthcare Systems Capstone.

The course is based on a cohort model that aims to broaden the concept of what it takes being a good leader, as well as the most effective practices for the management and leadership roles.

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University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Michigan

TuitionRatio of Admission

It is the University of Michigan is a space and public sea institution that is accredited by the North Central Association of College and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission. It has been ranked as the 29th top college in the country in the country by US News & World Reports.

UM offers the Master of Health Services Administration program to professionals, policy analysts planners, consultants, and policy analysts in classes that include Health Services Systems; Professional Development; Healthcare Accounting; Heath Policy; Law or Political Science.

There are a variety of joint degree options, such as the joint MHSA/Master in Nursing Administration, MHSA/Juris Doctor or Master of Public Policy/MHSA, of Public Policy, and the MHSA/MBA. Students can earn your MHSA degree in about two years. Students also gain more professional experience in a 10-to-12-week internship.

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Rutgers University-New Brunswick, New Jersey

TuitionRate of admission

Rutgers University is a public research institution, and is the biggest college located in New Jersey, accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

The Carnegie Classification for Rutgers is Research Intensive University-Very High Research Activity. Rutgers is ranked 34th across the country and 52nd globally according to The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU).

The school offers the Master of Science in Health Care Management for established professionals in the field of health care through courses such as Evidence-Based Literature Review; Multi-disciplinary Dimensions of Clinical Systems Management; Principles of Trans-Cultural Health Care; Social & Healthcare Policy for the Senior Adult the ABC’s of Managed Care.

Students are enrolled in the program on a part-time basis. The courses are online and offered in 8-15 week classes.

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Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing & Allied Health-Omaha, Nebraska

TuitionRate of admission

Nebraska Methodist College is a private college that is accredited with The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission and provides programs in nursing and other allied health occupations.

The school offers two master’s degrees in Healthcare Management courses, including Leadership and Management; Change Management; Individual and Team Creativity; Managing Team and Group Dynamics; Organizational Learning through Mentoring/Mentorship.

It is a Health Promotion Management program integrates the areas of health and wellness along together with business aspects. The program is accessible online and students learn how improving employee health improves the bottom line.

It is a Healthcare Operations Management Program is also available online and serves as a an opportunity to gain managerial and leadership positions in the field of healthcare.

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University of St. Francis-Joliet, Illinois

TuitionRatio of Admission

The University of St. Francis is a private university which has ties to the Roman Catholic Church recognized with The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission.

USF offers an Master of Science in Health Administration specifically designed for those with experience in the health administration field.

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The courses offered are Organizational and Human Resource Management; Medical Sociology; Health Economics and Policy; Health Information and Analytics; Health Care Finance and are mostly online, with some classes taking place in the evenings or on six all-day Saturdays.

The degree is completed in 15 months. Students who prefer not to pursue their studies online can enroll in the campus-based program.

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Midway College-Midway, Kentucky

TuitionRatio of Admission

Midway College is a small private college located situated in the middle of Kentucky accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges. The main campus houses Kentucky’s sole Women’s College.

MC offers a completely online MBA with a focus on Health Care Administration courses, which include Advanced Health Care Financial Management; Health Care Politics and Policy; Advanced Health Care Management; Ethics and Management Problems in the field of Health Care; Capstone in Health Care.

The course provides knowledge of business specifically focused on the healthcare sector. Students will be able to take a variety of courses in statistics, economics, and quantitative analysis that will help professionals make informed business decisions.

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How Much is a Healthcare Administrator’s Salary?

The average annual salary for healthcare administrators was $96,540. Half of all healthcare professionals made less than this while half of them earned more. The salaries for 2016 were ranging from $56,970 in the bottom 10 percent to $172,240 for the top 10.

Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that in the year 2017 Healthcare administrators who worked in 2017 earned an average salary of $98,350 for the year, as well as $47.29 an hour. Similar to other careers in the medical field there was a demand for health administrators or managers was projected to increase by 20%, bringing plenty of opportunities and stability in the field.

According to Payscale.com users with an undergraduate degree in Science with a concentration in Health Services make an average of an annual salary of $48,573. Beginning administrators holding bachelor’s degrees can earn anywhere between $24,730 to $58,175 annually. This grows as they gain experience.


To become a competent and effective healthcare administrator takes an enormous amount of work. All it takes is an unwavering desire to lead and have a deep knowledge of the healthcare industry.

While the variety of skills that are possessed by the most successful healthcare administrators differs however, there is a need for an Master in Healthcare Administration degree.

A number of reputable, accredited and reputable institutions around the world provide the education experience you require to become an expert in this field.

In the end, it’s an amalgamation of the education process and the practical experience in the field of work that creates an effective administrator.

FAQs on the administration of healthcare

Opportunities for career advancement are available in the field of the field of healthcare administration

Below are the Career Possibilities in Health Care Administration
> Hospital CEO.
> CFO of the Hospital (chief chief financial officer)
• Nursing Home Administrator.
Administrator of the clinic.
> Hospital department manager.
• Medical Office Business Manager.
Administrator of dental offices.
> Office manager of Chiropractor.

How can I become a healthcare administrator?

Get a bachelor’s or master’s degree and be sure to maintain an outstanding academic record.
Get a master’s degree that focuses on business management and public health. get the necessary job experience.

What is the average salary for the healthcare administration?

There is no information on the track for nurses specifically. However it is reported that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) declares the median wage for all health and medical management administrators to be $98,350 annually.
The bottom 10 percent of administrators, similar to those who hold entry-level jobs, made less than $53,940 per year which is a median of $25.93 per hour.
The top 10 percent of administrative staff (e.g. the ones in senior positions) made more than $150,560 per year with a mean wage of $72.39 per hour.

Do you see a huge demand for health service managers?

There is a massive requirement for managers of healthcare services. The US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics proposed that between 2010 to 2020, the field will increase by 22 percent. The possibilities for career advancement are numerous and there’s a tremendous demand for healthcare service managers.


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