10 Best YouTube Channels for Healthy Lifestyle 2023

YouTube has been most prominent of lists when it comes to the ever-growing impact of the social web. YouTube video creators are now able to are more powerful than film stars and well-known musicians.

In contrast to traditional stars They are more accessible and likable. This growing segment of people, often referred to as influencers, for obvious reasons praises the benefits for their healthful lifestyles and thrilling results.

Of course, anyone could build a mini studio in their room and film films, but today’s influencers take themselves to a different standard.

They create high-quality video content and have also established themselves as experts in a wide range of subjects.

The millennial generation isn’t the only one who make use of YouTube. There’s guidance, information motivation, encouragement, and reward for all ages and topics in the world.

Keep an eye on me as I present the top 10 YouTube channels for a healthy lifestyle.

10 Best YouTube Channels For Healthy Lifestyle

Below are the top 10 YouTube channels that promote the best health and fitness you will find:

#1. Pick Up Limes

It’s one of my absolute favorites from all times. One thing you’ll be able to notice in Sadia is the tranquil style of her videos which is due to her personality as well as her expertly created set-ups. She even has a new studio to film in that is simply beautiful.

Sadia has also been a registered Dietitian, with an abundance of knowledge. She is one-on-one with clients and is knowledgeable about problems with food that many have to deal with frequently.

Her nutrition advice is accurate. She also makes films on general well-being and better health and a more fulfilling life. Her recipes are delicious (you should try her healthiest Granola).

25 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Children

She, like Jenny Mustard, follows a vegan diet. As a registered dietitian she’s one of the top YouTube channels to promote a healthy lifestyle. With more than 1 million YouTube users, I’m sure that I’m not the only one who loves her videos! It’s one of the most popular YouTube channels to promote a living a healthy life, and you’ll profit greatly from it.

Visit this link to go to the Pickup limes YouTube channel.

Date of joining YouTube: 26 October, 2016.

The number of subscribers: 3.82 million subscribers

The number of videos is 169 videos

Average number of viewers 218 million views

#2. Sanne Vloet

Sanne has a modeling career who has an intense fascination with fitnessand fitness. She’s been a model at three Victoria’s Secret fashion shows, and has also modeled for a variety of labels, including Calvin Klein and Express.

Her channel started out blogging about her day-to-day life, but since then, she’s focused on videos on health and wellness. The channel covers everything, from exercise to ways to improve confidence in yourself.

If you’re a fan of style and fashion, you’ll be awed by her other videos since she’s got a wealth of experience through her modelling career, and offers an excellent guideline. Her videos get better and better with every increasing day. Her massive audience has earned her a place in the top 10 YouTube channels for a healthy living.

Go here go to Sanne Vloet YouTube channel

Date YouTube joined 28 April 2008

The number of subscribers: 1.37 million subscribers

Video content: 336 videos

Average viewers: 127 million views

#3. Pamela Reif

You might already have seen Pamela Anderson, and I wouldn’t be shocked If you’ve done so heard of her. She has millions of YouTube followers.

She posts only training videos that are arguably the best on the market. People are drawn to her videos due to a variety of reasons, among the reasons is that she seldom talks during her training videos. Instead, you look at her dance moves.

Her videos are quite challenging that I like. I have a break whenever I’m ready to. If I’m struggling with, I prefer to continue until I can see improvements.

She also offers intermediate and beginning level routines to help you if you’re not ready to accept too much.

With over 8 million users and counting, being one of the top YouTube channels to live a healthy life is not a misstep.

Go here go to Pamela Reif’s YouTube channel.

Date YouTube joined 16 September 2013.

The number of subscribers: 8.77 million subscribers

Video count: 164 videos

Average number of viewers: 1.4 billion views

#4. Good Eatings

The videos on Good Eatings are on another level. I could binge watch the videos all day long in the event that I were to.

Malin is a Swedish foodie on YouTube who makes healthy gluten-free and vegan dishes. Every time I watch her videos I am compelled to hurry to the next market to cook.

She brings back the Ratatouille vibes and reminds us that cooking is supposed to be enjoyable and delicious.

Her channel is among the top YouTube channels for a healthy life. You should sign up to her channel.

Please click here for go to Good Eatings YouTube channel

Date YouTube joined 1 December 2015.

Subscribers: 84.4k subscribers

The number of videos is 241. videos

Average number of viewers: 5.2 million views

#5. Jess Beautician

You’ll be surprised by how many you’ll see following a viewing of one of Jess’s videos! Jess’s videos are incredibly thorough and professionally produced.

Like her name suggests, she’s a beauty therapist and the majority of her videos include instructional, hauls, and even reviews. She does produce a variety of recipes videos. #VeganJune, #VeganNovember and Vegan School and Work Lunches are just a couple of her shows.

She is vegan for those who did not know. However, I’ve tried several of her recipes which vegans and non-vegans alike have enjoyed.

Although some of her recipes are long and complicated, she walks users through all the steps and gives written instructions in the description box. But that’s not the case with all of her recipes. I love her videos, and I’m certain you will too!

Go here go to Jess Beautician’s YouTube channel.

Date YouTube joined 21 February 2011.

The number of subscriber: 300k

Video content: 142 videos

Average viewership: 21.9 million views

#6. Carrie Rad

Carrie has inspired me not only through her videos, but through her story. She worked in an institution between 9 and 5, but she noticed something wasn’t exactly right.

In the end she decided to pursue her passion for mental wellness and has created a popular YouTube site and channel.

Her videos focus around self-care, happiness and joy. She’s an absolutely stunning person, and I appreciate how genuine she is.

Her channel is where to go to if you’re in need of some support and love. Her viewers will “feel like they are getting a warm hug” when watching her channel, as she writes within the “About” line.

I am impressed by how she understands it. She understands the difficulties of life and we all feel overwhelmed often. Because she too has been there.

It’s wonderful to get to know someone who is who is honest about their mental health and gives great life tips. She is one of the top YouTube channels to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Visit this link to go to Carrie Rad’s YouTube channel.

Date YouTube joined 8 January 2014

The number of subscriber: 301k

Video content: 430 videos

Average number of views: 17.5 million views

#7. Downshiftology

Her story is not the only one her story has inspired. Lisa Bryan was a company executive who worked for long hours , taking her health and wellbeing in the back of her mind.

Her life was completely turned upside down after she was diagnosed as having four auto-immune conditions.

For a natural cure she decided to adopt a healthier living and made some significant lifestyle adjustments.

She decided to become an health coach through IIN. Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and launched Downshiftology as a blog and YouTube channel that offers nutritious recipes as well as lifestyle advice in the wake of her experience.

She also has a calm and peaceful mannerof speaking, and her material is well-thought-out.

The uniqueness of her channel earns her a spot among the top YouTube channels that promote a healthy lifestyle. Her videos on meal prep are among my favorite since they help make healthy food preparation so easy and simple.

Visit this link to go to Downshiftology’s YouTube channel.

Date of joining YouTube 23 July 2016

Subscribers: 2.25 million subscribers

The number of videos is 179.

The number of average viewers of 164 million views

#8. Lavendaire

Aileen Xu is one I’ve just come across, which I find a bit of a shock because her videos are amazing and she has a huge following.

Her main focus is mental health and meeting your goals towards a healthier life. She covers nearly all of the subcategories that fall within this subject which means I’m certain to be able to find the information I’m seeking.

Aileen has a podcast titled the Lavendaire Lifestyle, in addition to a YouTube channel as well as a blog.

I haven’t had time for listening to the show however, it seems to be covering the same topics like her other Lavendaire forums , and is produced with the same amount of sophistication and expertise.

If you are looking for the top YouTube channels to live a healthy living, her channel should be included among them.

Go here go to Lavendaire’s YouTube channel.

Date YouTube joined 20 March 2014.

The number of Subscribers: 1.7 million subscribers

Video count: 609

Average number of viewers of 130 million views

#9. MuchelleB

When it comes to the top YouTube channels for a healthy living, MuchelleB is not left out.

MuchelleB is a humorous and a tell-it-like-it is type of person. She hails originally from Australia and writes about her journey towards minimalism as well as living the lifestyle she wants.

There are some films I binge-watch often and then have be reminded that they’ll be available whenever I visit YouTube in the future.

Her videos have offered me helpful advice. Her style is extremely steady and serene.

You’ll be able to recognize an MuchelleB video if you happen to come upon one. When I’m done with her work, I am strongly compelled to take off my feet and work towards every goal I have.

Go here go to the MuchelleB YouTube channel.

Date YouTube joined 2 November 2010,

The number of Subscribers: 466k

387 videos

Average viewers of 34 million views

#10. Magnus Method

Magnus Lygdbach is a fitness trainer and nutritionist who has vast knowledge. He’s been working in the fitness field for a long time and it does show.

If you’ve never seen him before I’m sure you’ve seen some of his clients who he worked with: Gal Gadot for Wonder Woman, Alicia Vikander on Tomb Raider, and Ben Affleck on Batman to mention some.

Magnus is always a favourite of my and I was thrilled to learn that he had created a YouTube channel.

Trust me when I tell you that that his videos are packed with the most valuable fitness information.

Go here go to Magnus Method YouTube and

Date of joining YouTube 10 September, 2020

Total number of Subscribers: 209k

Video count: 66 videos

Average number of viewers: 11.3 million views


Health is wealth as we all know. Therefore, an active and healthy life is the top priority for all. This requires you to go that extra mile by searching for the most effective YouTube channels to live an ideal way of life.

This article provides you with the top YouTube channels for a healthy lifestyle that you can find online.

I highly suggest you sign up to the channels listed above to receive an email whenever new videos are made available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most effective YouTube channels for a healthy lifestyle?

Follow the channels that are listed.
#1. Pick Up Limes
#2. Sanne Vloet
#3. Pamela Reif
#4. Good Eatings
#5. Jess Beautician
#6. Carrie Rad
#7. Downshiftology
#8. Lavendaire
#9. MuchelleB
#10. Magnus Method

Can I create a YouTube channel to promote a healthier living?

Yes. Every person has the right create YouTube channels. YouTube channel in any field of their choice.

What makes the channels listed below the top YouTube channels to live a healthy life?

Any thing that is thought of as “best ” must have its distinctiveness. This is exactly what each of the above channels has.

Do channels release videos each all day?

No. Video content is released each 2 to three days. Some channels could take up to seven days to launch new videos.

Do I have a chance to live a healthy life simply by playing YouTube video clips?

It is dependent on your priority. If you’re determined to be healthy , you can do this by taking a look at YouTube videos and following the instructions they provide, believe me when I say that you’ll be healthy.


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