11 Best Foods and Drinks That Help with Bloating

11 Foods and Drinks That Help with Bloating


Stomach gas is a natural process, but it can be painful if it builds up excessively. Gas can lead to severe abdominal or chest pain, which can be so powerful that it is thought to be a heart attack, appendix, or bladder problems.
Before getting rid of gas problems, it is essential to know the reasons that lead to gas. It is considered normal if gas is passed thirteen to twenty-one times a day. However, if you experience bloating or excessive gas before or after eating, then you may need treatment.

Causes of Bloating

1. Eating fast

When you eat fast, you don’t chew your food correctly, which results in gas. Due to fast eating, large chunks of food enter our bodies, so the stomach takes a long time to digest them. Therefore, you must eat slowly and chew.

2. Unnecessary use of soda and cold drinks

Nowadays, it is becoming a habit of every servant that, along with eating food, they must use soda, i.e., Coke and Pepsi; besides, if they become a guest in someone’s house, they also use Coke there. Coke or Pepsi is considered like a poison, and when this poison reaches our body, the bubbles in it cause our stomach to swell, and gas starts to form.

Carbonated drinks play a dangerous role in gas formation. If you can’t eliminate this habit, at least make it a point to let the bottle sit for a while after opening it to reduce the carbonation and gas in your stomach. be born

3. High consumption of packaged food

If food is high in sodium, it causes gas in the stomach. Canned foods from the market, like soups, tomatoes, ketchup, and salads, may seem highly nutritious, but they contain extreme amounts of sodium. If you want to get rid of stomach gas, avoid foods containing sodium as much as possible.

4. Eating before going to bed

Having dinner at 6 pm does not cause gas, but if dinner is eaten late, it is a major cause of gas in the stomach, and falling asleep after eating puts a burden on the stomach and causes gas. Therefore, walking after eating is vital to help digestion and sleep.


Symptoms of Bloating

  • Ulcers in the mouth and eruption of the tongue
  • Being in a bad mood
  • The arrival of sour belches
  • Feeling nervous
  • Swelling of the gums
  • Dizziness
  • Blood pressure
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Bad breath

Causes of Stomach Gas.

The role of bacteria in the body in gas formation
Do not absorb dairy products or sugars in the stomach.
Consuming chili spices and yachting items frequently.

11 Foods and Drinks That Help with Bloating

Stomach gas and its discharge make us feel awkward and become a source of embarrassment. Having gas in the stomach is a natural process; we can suffer from it sometimes. Due to gas, our stomachs also belch and have acidity, making it difficult to eat and drink and even sit comfortably. Let’s know how the things in our kitchen can eliminate gas.

1.Use of celery

A special compound in celery is very beneficial for our digestion. Celery makes gastric acid in our bodies. If you have gas in stomach, then use half a teaspoon of celery with water once a day, chew it or take it with water, this is an excellent recipe.

2. Use ginger and lemon

Coat a tablespoon of ginger, squeeze lemon in oil, and use it after every meal. Use of ginger If you add a cup of lukewarm water and drink it, it will also remove gas. Making ginger tea also relieves gas.

3. Use of Asafoetida

If you have stomach cramps and gas, making them part of your diet can help reduce gas and bloating. . Grind the powder in the half-and-half warm water of asafoetida, it gives relief very quickly.

4. Drink cumin water

Cumin water is excellent for improving our digestive system. If you want to get rid of stomach gas quickly, add one tablespoon of cumin to two cups of water and boil it. When this water becomes cold, drink this water after eating. Consuming cumin seeds in lukewarm water will give instant relief from gas in the stomach.

5. Use mint tea

Drinking peppermint tea, affects the food in the stomach and is extremely helpful in speeding up digestion. Make mint tea after eating to get immediate relief from stomach gas

6. Use of papaya

The enzyme papain present in papaya gets rid of gas in the stomach. It eliminates gas from the stomach by killing the parasites in the gut.

7. Drink fennel water

Fennel is the most beneficial natural remedy for stomach ailments. Fennel water will soothe the bowels and release gas from the stomach, thus relieving you of this problem.
If you want, boil fennel in a glass of water and drink this drink when the water is half. By using this drink, you will see a clear difference in that you have gotten rid of the gas in your stomach and other stomach diseases. Using fennel is a tried and tested recipe. Finnel is also beneficial for the kidneys and liver.

8. Use of cardamom

Using cardamom is very good for getting rid of stomach gas and adding it while cooking vegetables and rice will also make your food luscious and get rid of gas and other ailments.
Making cardamom coffee and drinking it eliminates stomach gas, reduces belly fat, and helps you lose weight. Cardamom coffee is beneficial.

9. Clove is very effective for stomach gas

We are all well aware of the numerous benefits of cloves, but have you ever used cloves to get rid of gas? Consuming cloves reduces gas in the stomach if it is chewed. Also, cloves are used increasingly to get rid of stomach gas.

10. Use milk

When you have gas in your stomach you don’t even feel like eating, due to stomach gas you can have many other stomach diseases. Consuming milk is beneficial in getting rid of stomach gas and other conditions. Milk is considered quite helpful for balancing gastric acid.

11. Treatment of gas with cinnamon

Cinnamon is used for many things, but if you have to use this spice in case of acidity, it will prove to be quite beneficial. Cinnamon is considered very good for digestion. If you are suffering from a gas-like disease, you should add cinnamon powder to a cup of warm water and use it to get rid of stomach gas.
You can also use cinnamon powder. Add cinnamon to two cups of water and boil it. When the water is reduced to one cup, then drink this coffee. It will also help in reducing other stomach diseases.

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