7 Best Home Remedies For Acid Reflux

7 Best Home Remedies For Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux

Heartburn, or acidity is one of the most common digestive problems that most people face. This disease may seem like a minor hearing problem, but it causes extreme anxiety for the person who suffers from it.
The most common causes of stomach acidity include stress, eating disordered eating habits, certain medications, consumption of very spicy foods, and various gastrointestinal diseases. Apart from this, smoking also causes an increase in stomach acidity.
Home remedies are generally considered useful to get rid of this problem, however, along with these home remedies, it is advised to avoid certain foods that cause stomach acid.

If you suffer from heartburn, avoid soft drinks because they increase the discomfort by accumulating certain gases in the stomach, along with this, you should also avoid sour fruits as these fruits are also acidic.

The following home remedies can be helpful for Acid Reflux

Acidity of the stomach can also lead to bad breath, so cumin is a helpful spice to control acidity, which improves the digestive system and also reduces the severity of stomach aches. Do not have to face bad breath. To get rid of this problem, boil a teaspoon of cumin seeds in a cup of water and make coffee and consume this coffee regularly after every meal. It will start coming.

7 Best Home Remedies For Acid Reflux


Oatmeal is also called baby food, as it is a very soft food that is easily digested. Therefore, most medical experts advise to use it in case of acid reflux. The fiber present in oatmeal helps in controlling bloating and water retention. Along with this, it has the ability to absorb the excess acid produced in the stomach. Apart from this, other foods rich in fiber can also be beneficial for stomach acidity.

2.Ginger tea

This root vegetable is very useful in acidity, as ginger has many medical benefits. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are also useful for stomach acidity, indigestion, heartburn, and other stomach problems. If you suffer from stomach acidity, use ginger tea. To start, take a piece of ginger and boil it in a cup of water and drink it when it cools down. Also, a fresh piece of ginger can be consumed with food.


If curd is said to be the best remedy for stomach acidity, then it will not be wrong. Yogurt contains useful nutrients that play a very important role in reducing stomach irritation. If you suffer from frequent heartburn then start using yogurt in morning, using it for a few days will start reducing stomach acidity significantly. You can also add banana and melon to the curd to increase its effectiveness. This will not only reduce acidity but also provide you with rich nutrition, which will prevent you from feeling tired and weak.

4. Fennel Seed

According to some medical experts, chewing some fennel seeds after meals can significantly reduce the severity of acidity. Along with this, fennel tea is also considered very useful for maintaining the health of the esophagus. Apart from this, the drink made from fennel is also very useful against indigestion and flatulence.

5.Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are also very useful to get rid of stomach acidity. You can use it regularly with coriander, mint, fenugreek, and cabbage etc. to get rid of the problem. Stomach acidity is mostly caused by consumption of unhealthy foods, so such foods Healthy green leafy foods should be used instead.

6.Coconut water

In case of gastric irritation, when coconut water is consumed, the acidic level becomes alkaline. In addition, consuming coconut water increases the amount of substances in the stomach that protect against the harmful effects of acidity. Along with this, coconut water is also rich in fiber which helps in preventing acidity.

7. Banana

Bananas are considered to be very useful for reducing the severity of acidity, as they contain a large amount of choline, which works effectively against acidity. You can eat one to two of them every day to get rid of heartburn. Can use bananas. Apart from this, you can also add banana to yogurt and make a delicious milkshake. Consuming banana with milk and yogurt will not only reduce stomach acidity but also increase your strength.

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