7 Best Natural Ways Treat To Hot Urine

7 Best Natural Ways Treat To Hot Urine

Hot Urine

People of any age can experience bladder heat, but it is usually more common for young people to suffer from this condition. There can be some reasons for this disease, but the main reason is the consumption of fewer natural and more artificial drinks (cold drinks, etc.). This heat can also face substandard foods, due to which the body’s water decreases and the blood becomes thick.

Thickened blood becomes very difficult for the kidneys to filter, causing the urine to appear yellow and sometimes burning. Womens are more likely to suffer from urinary irritation than men, while young men may also experience pain during urination.

The excess heat generated in the bladder can lead to various symptoms, which are as follows:

  • Quick to anger
  • to feel dizziness
  • Controversy
  • Sensation of severe fever
  • Panic
  • Anxiety
  • Urinary irritation and yellowness
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Some patients may also experience additional symptoms. But these symptoms are especially evident in those who suffer from bladder weakness.

Bladder weakness people who feel the need to urinate frequently or have frequent trips to the bathroom at night to disturb their sleep may have bladder weakness. There can be some causes of this disease, but some important reasons are as follows:

  • Prolonged retention of urine
  • Bladder muscle weakness
  • Excessive consumption of nicotine and caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea,
  • cigarettes, and cold drinks
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Consuming a lot of cold-acting foods

Before we describe the home remedies for removing bladder heat in detail, we must define some measures that can relieve bladder weakness quickly.

Treatment of bladder weakness & Hot Urine

The causes of this weakness vary between individuals. Most people do not necessarily experience this weakness for the same reason. A person may be experiencing this problem due to a metabolic disorder, so it is also possible that a substandard diet has weakened the bladder. However, whatever the cause, the following home remedies can strengthen the bladder.

Honey and pomegranate peels

Please take a few pomegranate peels and dry them enough to remove moisture from them. After drying the peels well, grind them into powder. Add honey to this powder. You can adjust the amount of peel and honey as required as pomegranate peels are bitter and more honey can be added to reduce the bitterness. Consuming a mixture of honey and rind daily will strengthen the bladder. Make sure to drink water after consuming the combination.

Four items and Cow ghee

Take black sesame seeds, roasted chickpeas, ground almonds, and sugar, and make a paste. You have to take these four items in the amount of fifty grams. Fry this mixture in desi ghee. Try to add as much ghee as is sufficient for roasting. Consuming one spoonful of this mixture daily before going to bed at night will strengthen the bladder.

Fruits with vitamin C

Fruits rich in vitamin C are beneficial in reducing urinary discomfort and irritation. These fruits include lemons, Oranges, capsicums, and papayas. When a person gets vitamin C through these fruits, the acidity of his urine increases, reducing the risk of urinary tract infections and irritation.

Grewia asiatica

Grewia asiatica has a cooling effect and antioxidant properties. Grewia asiatica Juice reduces heat generated in the bladder, stomach, chest, and urinary tract. Consuming Grewia asiatica Juice in jaundice and hot fever reduces restlessness and anxiety. Additionally, Grewia asiatica strengthens the stomach and liver and controls the digestive system’s functions.

Dry Prune

Prune is rich in vitamins A, B, and C. Which effectively removes bladder and stomach heat, burning hands, thirst, and mental dryness. At night, take a glass of water and soak four seeds of dried Prune
and half a spoon of tamarind. Get up in the morning, take the kernels and mix the Dry Prune
pulp and tamarind pulp well in water. You can also add a spoon of sugar for the best taste but if you have diabetes, add very little or no sugar.

Consumption of milk and yogurt

Consumption of milk and yogurt is essential in increasing the amount of beneficial bacteria in the stomach, which helps eliminate stomach heat. The digestive system and other stomach functions are also improved, reducing the bladder’s heat.

Uses of mint

Peppermint also has a cooling effect that can help clear excess heat build-up in the bladder or stomach. Regular consumption of a cup of mint helps eliminate this problem. You can use mint in water and tea as well as in salads.

Bladder weakness and heat are not diseases. Generally, these diseases can be avoided by following some precautions.

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