9 Best Gallstone Diet to Reduce Pain

Gallstone Diet

9 Gallstone Diet to Reduce Pain

Gallstones are located below the liver. The intestine is usually four inches long and one inch wide and contains a fluid that helps digest fats in food.

Gallstones are the two types. The first type, called cholesterol stones, is formed due to an increase in the amount of cholesterol in the body, while the second type, called pigment stones, is formed due to a rise in the level of bilirubin.

The causes of gallstones vary, but the leading cause is obesity, while consuming high-fat foods also increases the risk. Due to weight gain, cholesterol levels also increase, which increases the risk of gallstones.

In the case of gallstone formation, different symptoms are experienced. Symptoms include right shoulder pain, pale skin, high fever, chills, heartburn, vomiting, indigestion, and gas. Surgery is considered to the best option to get rid of gallstones. However, some home remedies can also be tried with a doctor’s advice, which proves helpful.

Gallstone Diet

9 Best Gallstone Diet to Reduce Pain


Psyllium can be helpful against gallstones as it is rich in fiber. Apart from this, psyllium also improves the health of the pancreas and the heart. It can be used regularly to get medical benefits from psyllium.
According to a clinical study, consumption of psyllium reduces the risk of gallstones due to cholesterol.

Gallbladder cleansing

Some people claim that cleaning the gallbladder can get rid of stones quickly because harmful particles are released from the gallbladder due to cleaning. However, more research is need to understand this cleaning and its associated reduced risk of gallstones.

Apple juice

In different countries of the world, apple juice is also used for the treatment of gallstones because use of this juice softens the stones and removes them easily.

However, avoid consuming juices in large quantities if you have diabetes, stomach ulcers, and hypoglycemia.


According to the US National Health Service, Dandelion has been used since ancient times to treat liver problems and gallstones, as it improves liver function.
Generally, people use tea made from dandelion to get rid of gallstones, but this tea should be consumed as the instructions of your doctor to avoid adverse health effects.


According to traditional scholars, gallstones can quickly be removed with the help of yoga, and yoga improves the health of diabetic patients. Yoga can get rid of gallstone symptoms if done regularly.

Castor oil

Castor oil is also considered a treatment for gallstones. To get rid of this stone, soak a piece of cloth in warm castor oil, place it on the stomach, and wrap a towel over it. Keep a cloth and towel soaked in castor oil on the stomach for an hour.

Milk thistle

Gallstones can also be relieved with the help of Milk thistle. The use of Milk thistle reduces liver and gall bladder problems. Supplements Milk thistle can also use.
However, if you have diabetes, use Milk thistle per your doctor’s instructions.

Use more water

Dehydration in the body usually leads to this disease, so most people fall victim to it during illness. The best way to prevent it is to drink adequate water. However, people suffering from this disease can also get relief by drinking more water. But remember that soda made from sugar is not considered beneficial, but in most people, its use increases the severity of Gallstones pain. Adopt the habit of drinking an adequate amount of water which will prove helpful in preventing Gallstone pain.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method of treatment used to treat various ailments, including gallstones.

According to a clinical study, acupuncture reduced back Pain, Abdominal Pain, and nausea in people with gastritis.

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