Naturally Increase Breast Milk Production

Naturally Increase Breast Milk Production

breast milk production

1. Fennel and Fenugreek

Fennel not only has a pleasant taste but also has many medicinal properties. Its plants can also be used as a vegetable, while its seeds are also used.

Its plant and seeds contain phytoestrogens, which help increase milk production. Therefore, fennel is beneficial for lactating women. It also improves their health and increases milk production.

Also, in North America, the Middle East, and Subcontinent countries, fenugreek seeds are used by lactating women for their medicinal benefits. Consuming it regularly increases milk production. However, medical experts say that many women face adverse health effects due to the proper use of fenugreek seeds.

These symptoms include diarrhea and increased sweating. To avoid these effects, fenugreek seeds should be consumed in a balanced amount. You can use fenugreek seeds with mint or malt juice.

2. Feed the baby more often

Breastfeed your baby more often to increase the milk supply because when the baby drinks milk, the amount of milk-producing hormones in the breast increases, so the more often you breastfeed the baby, The quantity of milk increases as much.

According to medical experts, feeding a baby eight to twelve times a day helps maintain milk production; however, feeding less frequently does not cause medical problems.

3. Cumin

Like fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds are also considered beneficial for lactating women. Its use provides energy to mothers, while milk prepared using cumin is considered very helpful for the baby, as this milk is easily digested.

According to your medical practitioner, take a small amount of cumin mixed with a glass of warmmilk and consume it every night before going to sleep; it will increase the milk supply. Apart from this, you can also use cumin powder. Boil cumin seeds in water, and after filtering, add honey to it and use it. Consume this coffee once a day regularly.

4. Supplements

Lactating women can also use supplements to increase their milk supply, and these supplements can effectively increase milk supply.

However, mothers should use these supplements only per their doctor’s instructions, as their use can sometimes lead to adverse health effects like diarrhea.

5. Feed the baby from both breasts

Often mothers feed their babies from only one breast, increasing milk supply challenges. So make sure that the baby drinks milk from both breasts because breastfeeding increases the amount of milk and the amount of fat in the milk.

If your baby is full after feeding from one breast, try switching the baby from one breast to the other during the feeding process.

6. Cinnamon

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The use of cinnamon not only increases the quantity of milk but also improves the taste of the milk; apart from this, cinnamon also improves overall health.

Consuming cinnamon in regular, balanced amounts provides nutrients to the mother and offers an adequate milk supply to the baby. Cinnamon can be added to honey or milk and used it.

7. Barley

Consuming barley is considered the best option for increasing milk supply because, unlike other foods, barley contains high amounts of dietary beta-gluten, according to medical experts.

Apart from this, using porridge made from barley is also helpful. For effective results, you can consume breakfast barley porridge made with milk.

8. Increased rest periods

Due to the child’s care, women often do not get time to rest because they not only have to wake up many times at night for the child, but also their responsibilities during the day do not decrease, affecting their health. It starts to get affected.

The process of milk formation in the body is also affected due to the health affected. Therefore, rest is very important for lactating women. By increasing the rest period, the health of the mothers will also be maintained, and the milk supply will not decrease.

9. Selection of healthy foods

Many women’s are so busy caring for their babies that they forget to pay attention to their health. Not only do they consume less water, but they are also unable to eat as per their regular diet. Apart from this, they also give up eating foods that play an important role in maintaining their health.

Women who wish to increase their milk supply should ensure that they consume more water. Along with this, they should also include fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet, which can play a role in improving their health.

10. Garlic

Medical experts believe that the use of garlic can also increase the amount of milk; in addition to the use of garlic, mothers can breastfeed their children for a more extended period of time, improving children’s health. Help is available.

Garlic can be added to food, while some people use it raw, but it does not have a pleasant taste, so that it can be used with honey or milk.

11. Papaya

It is generally believed that papaya is only helpful for the digestive system, but its use can also increase milk production. You can use it by adding it to yogurt or making juice.

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