Pineapple Juice Wisdom Teeth

pineapple juice wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth extractions aren’t pleasant, and they may create anxiety. If you’re planning to have wisdom teeth extracted You’re likely to be contemplating how to deal with the discomfort and pain that may follow.

Your dentist can prescribe painkillers to ease the pain as well as provide additional home care suggestions, like applying cold compresses in order to reduce swelling and pain. However, if you submitted your queries to Google and you’ve found a novel solution for pain in your wisdom teeth which is pineapple juice.


You’ll be amazed to discover the truth behind this assertion, even though it’s a little more complicated than the internet portrays it.

The juice of pineapple can alleviate pain and swelling due to the natural enzyme bromelain. The enzyme is believed to trigger your body’s capacity to combat inflammation and relieve pain. It’s not really an actual juice of pineapple but rather a compound you will discover in it.

A handful of studies have examined bromelain and discovered that it could yield outstanding outcomes. For instance, a small study of 40 patients who had wisdom teeth removed discovered that 70% (28) were feeling better due bromelain. Their pain and swelling were lessened.

The participants received an antibiotic, which could have greatly helped in reducing swelling and pain. Also, they only took bromelain not the juice of a pineapple. The results should therefore be treated with a pinch of salt.

Wisdom Tooth Pineapple Juice

pineapple juice wisdom teeth

There are other options to reduce swelling and pain following dental surgery than drinking pineapple juice. In fact, you’ll likely have to drink plenty of it before you feel its effects. Additionally, at extremely high amounts the juice of pineapple can cause certain adverse effects, including nausea, or diarrhea.

It is high in sugar, which is why it’s not recommended for those who suffer from blood sugar issues or diabetes. The experts recommend restricting the consumption of pineapple juice to 8 ounces per day and that the quantity of bromelain that you consume won’t be too much.

The most effective approach in this instance is to speak with your dentist. If you are concerned about using pain relief medications even if they are available over the counter Your dentist can guide you to alternative pain management options that can help you.

We would however not suggest drinking large amounts of pineapple juice in order to reduce swelling and pain following surgery. It is recommended to consume large quantities of it in order to activate its anti-inflammatory effects and its side consequences could include nausea and diarrhea. The juice of pineapple also contains a lot of sugar and isn’t a good thing for your enamel teeth, or patients with diabetes.

In order to reduce pain and inflammation to ease pain, we suggest using Ibuprofen as well as applying cold packs for the first 24 hours following surgery, and warming pads or warm compresses immediately following. Antibiotics can also be prescribed following the wisdom teeth extraction to reduce the chance of developing an infections. If you are adamant about drinking pineapple juice, 8oz per day would suffice. You can also buy Bromelain as a capsule. This is a lot superior to drinking a huge amount of juice from pineapple!

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The best option is to consult directly with an Oral Surgery specialist. They have years of expertise and are up-to current on the most recent technology, medicines and research that will ensure a speedy recovery following the procedure.

Anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce pain and swelling. But why do we need pineapple juice? Research has shown that this enzyme has more anti-inflammatory properties in comparison to other enzymes. But, you’ll have to drink plenty of pineapple juice in order to absorb enough enzymes to benefit from its benefits.

There isn’t a research-based consensus on the effectiveness bromelain has, and the reduction in inflammation and swelling could be attributable to other causes.

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